Europe can be a lot of things. It offers a chance to walk on modern streets of ancient cities. It helps retracing on steps of Shakespeare and other noble thinkers. It can offer fine sunny days when you can explore the seas. It can have you enjoy dog sledding experience in ice deserts of Nordic region. It can mean a range of things.

Regardless of your interests, Europe has it all. It offers tons of recipes, thrills and activities. From foodies to leisure-seekers to thrill-seekers to history enthusiasts, every tourist would appreciate these lands. Getting smitten by its undisputed beauty is a real prospect.

When you say Europe, you are for most part thinking about the classics of Western Europe. There is no rigid list of countries in the Western Europe.

The countries that’s commonly classified as Western Europe are United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and Iceland. Each of these nations is characterized by their enticing qualities. Owing to its rich heritage and one of a kind geography, it’s a paradise. The differences between culture and people of two countries aren’t just subtle in Western Europe.

The five highly populated countries in Western Europe are United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Picking a few words on these languages can help you a lot more than you know. You can also try your hand at Dutch language.

Western Europe has historically never been short of major global events. From Renaissance to age of enlightenment, these lands have always been busy. The people here have been consistently progressive. They have controlled the lands and seas beyond their borders.

The countries have an amazing selection of adrenaline pumping adventures. You can hike out at the summer or set on an extreme adventure in the winters of Iceland. The French Alps should act as the middling place of both ends. You can race along the eye pleasing canals of Netherlands, if don’t have time for boats. You can’t afford to miss dog-sledding with the beautiful Siberian huskies.

If the winters provide for ice tops in Norway, its spring offers amazing greeneries. You can grace over rich and mesmerizing colors of nature. The beaches of Europe offer a chance to perfect your surfing. While mastering the waves, help yourself with European cuisines.

Visiting the west of Europe will make your taste buds thank you. The bread, meat and yogurt based breakfast in German speaking regions appeals to everyone. A cup of coffee kick starts your day in pleasant fashion. If you got a sweet tooth, France, Italy or Spain is where you should be.

Every country in Western Europe has a specialty. Iceland is one of the safest tourist destinations around. It brags natural geothermal spas to soothe in. Denmark is one of the happiest places to be in. You get a chance to touch upon the rich Viking heritage. Austria should be visited mainly for its capital, Vienna. It’s the city scoring highest in quality of life parameters for almost a decade.

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