So you are the one who wants to learn that how to draw the liquid eyeliner. If it is so then, we are here to sort your issue. Here we will talk about some of the easier ways by which you will get to know that how to draw the best waterproof liquid eyeliner easily. You can take help from your friends and family also which are good at doing makeup; they will also suggest you the best for you.


Here are some ways mentioned below which are enough for you to let you understand that how you can draw the liquid liner. Those ways are:-

Open your eyes

It is a normal thing that when one will start drawing the eyeliner; they use to close their eyes. Do you know that when you will close your eyes, then it will not let you draw the straight line? If you will open your eyes, then it will allow you to draw the line straight which will look better also.

Primer at the first

When you will go to draw the eyeliner then make sure that you will prime your eyes first. When you will draw your liner after applying the primer, then it will let you draw the line perfectly without making it inky.

Pencil first then top with liquid

Before you will go to draw the liner, you should create the line with a pencil. When you will create with pencil, then it will help in creating the line which will help in the drawing the perfect winged liner.

Eyeliner is the most important things of the makeup kit, and one should take care of the liner properly. Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will draw the line with the best waterproof liquid eyeliner perfectly and will give a perfect makeup look.

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